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posted 15 Jul 2010, 05:52 by Adult learning at Cottenham VC   [ updated 28 Sept 2021, 03:20 ]

We actually have one space on our Friday Upholstery classes and also one on our Saturday workshops this term !  To book do get in touch with us ....

Contemporary Textiles Personal & Poetic with Ricki Outis (alternate Tuesdays) starting 14th September

posted 11 May 2010, 04:59 by Adult learning at Cottenham VC   [ updated 6 Jul 2021, 03:33 ]

A new term of Contemporary Textiles with the incredibly talented Ricki Outis starting on the 14th September (alternate Tuesdays).  A hands on class for people with some experience in creating artful textiles who would like to explore and experiment with like minded people.  It is an opportunity to bring the personal into your textiles by basing your work on objects which make you feel joyful in our crazy upside down world.  The course includes techniques on colouring cloth & paper, image transfers onto fabric, text on fabrics and free machine embroidery to make personal and poetic fabrics.





posted 30 Apr 2010, 01:35 by Adult learning at Cottenham VC   [ updated 28 Sept 2021, 03:04 ]

We have ONE space on our Wednesday evening Ceramics class with Larry Mogridge - 7-9pm each week - why not join and explore, create and express your ideas in the versatile medium of clay.  Practise techniques including hand building, throwing, decoration & glaze effects using a variety of stoneware clays, slips & glazes - contact us for more details.



Guitar Roots & Branches with Brooks Williams !!

posted 27 Apr 2010, 05:41 by Adult learning at Cottenham VC   [ updated 6 Jul 2021, 03:36 ]

A fun, hands on workshop with lots of playing and singing.  Expand your guitar playing by exploring the music that inspired the music we know.  We will be looking at strumming & fingerpicking, chords that move up the neck of the guitar and riffs we can play based around those chords.  Participants should be familiar with the basic 1st position chords like E, A, G, D, C, B7, F, Em, Am, Dm & Bm.  



Saturday 16th October workshops

posted 4 Mar 2010, 06:13 by Adult learning at Cottenham VC   [ updated 4 Oct 2021, 04:45 ]

Our next Saturday workshops are on Saturday 16th October we have Crochet for Beginners (2 days 16th Oct & 27 Nov), Needle Felt a Robin,  Nuno Felt Scarf, Silver Jewellery Making for Beginners, T'ai Chi - Qigong in Autumn The Tao of Letting Go and Traditional Indian Meal Workshop - look under Saturdays for more information and contact us to book a place.



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